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[ The past few (several?) days have been...

Well, Maddie wasn't sure. Ever since the fifteenth of March, she'd sort of thrown herself into the work she was given (and volunteered for). That is to say: it has been endless days of press releases, media trainings, public and private meetings with the government (!!!), talking to people, and generally stressing herself out with worry.

Not gonna lie: It felt good to be busy.

Maddie has always been the type to go headfirst into anything that was given to her. The breaking of the veil was just another challenge she was happy to take on, especially on the side of public relations and journalism.

Of course, the downside was that she stubbornly worked herself until the challenge was overcome.

This was one of those nights. Her day was already going so well, until a tree magically appeared all of a sudden. A tree so large that it could be seen in the horizon. A tree that had suddenly thrown everyone into panic, and it was her job to tell everyone to calm their tits. In the nicest and most polite way as possible, especially to the government.

She'd just ended a call conference with a number of media outlets, giving them the official statement (in summary: The tree is on our side, no need to panic!), and repeating--emphasizing that the government will always, always be on the side of the people, whether or not they were supernatural.

This was the central message that Fidel Ramos' new Department of Supernatural Affairs was trying to get across.

So far, so good.

But even though her call conference was over, there was still a lot of work to do. Reports have to be sent to all her bosses (Jessiah Vice, Mica Torillo, the aforementioned Fidel Ramos, and since Mica hasn't rescinded her status as Minato Arisato's aide, she also sends him a report via text message that she was ok, please come back soon, how are things on your end?).

And then, of course, there was the press release that needed to be submitted to the press right now so they can include it in tomorrow's paper. And tomorrow was in about one and a half hours, and news outlets would start printing in three.

Challenge Accepted. ]


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