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WHO: Josh, Taning, Kaz
WHERE: Buenos Aires, Argentina (South America)
WHEN: September 26-27, 2063
SAFE FOR WORK? If you're good with some swearing and people getting beat up, maybe?
OTHER NOTES: Set after one take-down and before the second krewe that they hit up, with a bunch of stuff in-between.

Josh LaRue is a grump, Kaz is a puppy with a gun and he's not afraid to use it and Taning may be a troll but he's also an Obrimos Mage Mortician who won't hesitate to get the job done. )
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WHO: Jason, Brigade and Yulia plus a lot of gangsters who will probably die
WHAT: SA005/006/007
WHERE: Buenos Aires, Argentina (South America)
WHEN: September 26
SAFE FOR WORK? Possibly? There will be violence, though.
OTHER NOTES: None yet!

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WHO: Brigade, Josh, Mia and the other Monkey Eaters
WHAT: SA012, "The Night Roads Aren't Always So Pleasant"
WHERE: The South American highways closest to Colina de las Espadas
WHEN: September 25-26, 2063
OTHER NOTES: None yet.

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WHO: Alistair and Kaz
WHAT: OMS004, "Seeking the Chosen"
WHERE: All over South America
WHEN: September 23-26, 2063

These fucking mountains. )
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WHO: The Knife Bitches Deirdra and Yulia
WHAT: Mission Number NSC004, "Better Hands Make Better Work"
WHERE: Wakiya, New York City, USA
WHEN: September 23-26, 2063.
SAFE FOR WORK? So far, yeah...?

Brb terrorizing n00bs. )
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WHO: Lia, maybe a Lorenzo, and whoever decides to pay their respects to her while she's in.
WHAT: The Kaiser herself has dropped in to check on how things are going in Argentina.
WHERE: All over Colina de las Espadas
WHEN: From about 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM
SAFE FOR WORK? Probably?
+ Lorenzo Reyes is also going to be around on request - provided that Noey is okay with it, of course. o3o
+ Lia is going to be pretty much everywhere, so feel free to either have your muse spot her walking around, or set your muse up somewhere and she'll come and bother you.
+ Please specify the time that you want to have your interaction with Lia in the subject header of your comment.
+ Mike, you're actually free to tag into this if you like. Lia is Taning's commanding officer, so if he ever wanted to check in with her about something while he's elsewhere, we could play it such that they have a text conversation, or a telepathic exchange or phone call, or whatever.

Because she likes to keep her house in order. )
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WHO: Angela and the Hounds
WHAT: The commanding officer of the South American Initiative has an announcement to make.
WHERE: Technically at Colina de las Espadas, but the announcement's done over the networks.
WHEN: 3:00 PM
+ You guys are actually free to respond to the announcement by going over to Angela's office and talking to her personally. Just specify as much in either the header of your response, or in the tag itself.
+ I'm going to post two mission boards really soon. One will be for South America, and another will be for stuff that you guys can do during the timeskip. The main mission board will become a permanent fixture for DWRP shenanigans in this campaign - more on that later.

Always and ever, we work to earn our keep. )
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WHO: Jessica Leitman and the War Hounds
WHAT: Have a memorandum specifically tailored to your blade, kids.
WHERE: Wherever you all are...
WHEN: the time indicated in the text.

Bonjour, heroes. )