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Waking the Dead is a mixed White Wolf/World of Darkness campaign set in the Philippines, with a strong leaning towards the themes of Hunter: the Vigil and World of Darkness. It revolves around Hunters and the organizations that they belong to, and how they seek to police the affairs of human beings and supernaturals in a world that is reeling from making one too many mistakes in light of the breaking of the Veil between the World of Light and the World of Darkness.

This is a closed community for the 2.0 campaign, combining a tabletop/DWRP system. Participating players meet a once a week for "on table" sessions, and the DWRP logs and exchanges are utilized to further player character interactions with each other and with existing relevant NPCs.

The game timeline is set fifty years after the events of the first tabletop campaign -- Waking the Dead 1.0 -- in the year 2063. The basic premise is that the current cast of player characters have grown up in the "New Age", a world where human beings and supernaturals are supposed to get along.

If you're looking for Waking the Dead (2.5): Welcome to the New Age the DWRP campaign, please refer to [personal profile] geistnet.

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