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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the philippines after dark :: the good men & women of the accords.

Even though the Philippine Islands is contested territory within the Vigil, the actual supernatural communities get along with an ease that would surprise most other supes from other countries. Many suspect that it’s a mix of the appropriation of World of Light Filipino culture (the strong emphasis, for example, on pakikisama – or simply the unspoken agreement to watch over one’s own and generally leave others to their own devices), a natural result of the country’s colorful (and difficult) history of colonization and invasion, and the propensity for misguided nationalism to lead to a strong need for most Hunters to turn their sights – and weapons – on “monsters”. It helps, of course, that the Maharlika’s position has always been one of self-preservation, survival, and cooperation – something that has helped them whenever the likes of the Methuselah failed them, or when Zangyaku itself was stretched too thin by their own war with the Dragon’s conspiracy.

The Philippines has also always placed a strong emphasis on blood ties and camaraderie. By merit of the country’s geographical position, Sleepers “awaken” to their inherent gifts, or are just more naturally exposed to external influences like Amrita and geists. Sleepers who stay asleep also show a remarkable propensity for accepting the fact that the World of Darkness exists, even if they may never fully understand what that means, or what the World of Darkness is actually like.

Metro Manila might be the city with the largest concentration of supernaturals in the country, but the capital is not, by far, the seat of political power. Here are brief profiles of the men and women behind the names penned on every major Accords contract forged on Philippine soil.