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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: mixed blade :: the war hounds

Formed under the guidance of the Blade King of Zangyaku, the men and women of the past and at present who have called themselves “War Hounds” have worked tirelessly towards reforming the Vigil. Their main goal has always been to pave the way towards a New Age, because the Veil’s going to go eventually. While their operations take their Hunters all over the world, their “home” is the Philippines, a country whose importance in geo-politics has always been underestimated – but its significance in the World of Darkness cannot be ignored.

The tragedy of the War Hounds is that - beyond Brianna herself - not a single member of the "original" blade has survived, and each "batch" loses at least two or three of its operatives. There have been members who have stayed on for a few cycles, but the natural end to pursuing their vision appears to be madness or death. Constantly living through this has made Brianna wonder, with increasing frequency, if she needs to change her game. This shift in disposition is most visible in the Hounds of tonight's Vigil.

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