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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: mixed blade :: the reservoir dogs

Alistair Mordechai’s personal hit squad of Kingfishers that make it their business to guard the Seer and help him complete his more dangerous tasks. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s possible that Alistair can pull off the impossible, you’re looking at the reason in this blade’s members. The original members have been at work since the 15th Century.

The numbers of the Reservoir Dogs change almost every generation as Alistair's most trusted operatives retire or get killed on the job. Furthermore, the existence of the Reservoir Dogs is a bit of an open secret among Kingfishers and other close associates of the Mordechai Brothers. If you find out about them, you find out about them. If you don't, then you don't. Even reliable information networks like Network Zero classify the blade as an urban legend within the Vigil.

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