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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: hecaton special operations :: lincoln's cabinet


The elite fighting force of HECATON Special Operations, meant to carry out special engagements that the rest of the compact can’t quite handle and assist the Wings with their command duties. Many of their members occupied positions of power within supernatural communities or within World of Light governments as a means of helping HECATON further its goals. This is proving rather useful at present, given how quickly things unraveled on the Ides of March.

Not just anyone can become a part of the Cabinet. It’s an honor reserved for the “original members” of Special Operations and their children – descendants of the originals are expected to become soldiers of the squad that their elders were a part of. Positions in the Phantom Corps are also reserved for the men and women of other compacts who assisted HECATON in the past (particularly during the Great Wars), often at great risk to themselves. Another entry point into the Cabinet is serving HECATON during a war.