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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: hecaton special operations


Not a single person in Taskforce Valkyrie doesn’t know about the conspiracy’s glorious history, particularly the historical records and accounts from the conspiracy’s precursor in the HECATON Special Operations Unit. Named for the many-armed monster both because of what it symbolizes and because they wanted to do homage to the Unit’s “mascot” Brigade, HECATON made the Taskforce what it is today, right down to the values that the conspiracy is supposed to uphold.

Once the conspiracy within Taskforce Valkyrie’s conspiracy, operating in secret within their own organization with the express goal of reforming Taskforce Valkyrie before the end of 2012. HECATON is the actual “head” of the institutional beast that the Taskforce is in tonight's Vigil, comprised of the best that the conspiracy has to offer. Their members are 70% supernatural, and operate off the books. The remaining 30% are Deadwalkers (or secretly Sleepwalkers) who moved things within TFV and the American government for their companions. Joshua Larue's rise as a Malice King, however, marked HECATON's break away from Taskforce Valkyrie following the rising dark within the Vigil, and the corruption within their own ranks.

HECATON’s agenda goes far, FAR beyond creating a safe and friendly Vigil for the Americas and any friend to the United States. They’re out to reform their own Taskforce, preparing it for the coming of the New Age – something that is only going to happen after they stop the Apocalypse. They’re out to purify the Vigil, to restore it to what it was meant to be the day that the Dragon decided to form the Methuselah. They’re out to bring an end to this war between the Kings, and the best way that they’ve determined how to act on that is to continue helping Hikaru Shinta and Riley Falner. They plan on doing this at all costs, even if it means fighting their own comrades.