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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the methuselah :: los filibusteros


Anino's finest blade, known best for their engagements during the tail end of the Vietnamese War and the Martial Law Regime in the Philippines. These Hunters are, in many ways, the poster boys and girls of a just Vigil on the archipelago. As things stand, their strong principles and the allegiances they had to particular Malice Kings (namely Liandrin Delacroix) got them in a lot of trouble with Kaiser Palomo, the man who headed Anino before Inquisitor-Knight (now Defiant) Charo Bahaghari took the reins. Once he was out of the picture, they focused their efforts on assisting Charo - their former blade leader - with ushering in much needed reforms to their conspiracy's operations in the Philippines.

At present, Los Filibusteros is one of Aidan Clayce's strongest assets. The Methuselah he is now leading is small and frightened, decimated by the events that took place on the Ides of March and beyond. Thankfully, these fine men and women are ready to rise to the challenge of aiding the Dragon and the United Vigil.