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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the kill list :: the harbingers [exarchs].


March 15, 2012 was an auspicious day for the Seers of the Throne, as it marked the return of their Exarch overlords. These functional gods are the ascended Awakened who are responsible for separating the Realms Supernal from the Prime Material Plane, thus birthing the Abyss. The Prodigals and the Oracles were responsible for chasing them out of Creation, but their loyal servants (slaves) allowed the Exarchs to maintain a solid connection to the Fifth World. Now they've taken advantage of the chaos wrought by the Other World and the God Machine in order to subjugate both the Worlds of Light and Darkness.

The Exarchs have found many allies in the form of supernaturals who defy the Accords, and in supernaturals who believe that they are the "chosen" of the Fifth World. Collectively, this imagined nation has called themselves "Harbingers of the Age of the Mighty", with "the Mighty" being creatures superior to the puny Sleeping fleshbags - and the ridiculous Keepers of the Vigil who seek to protect them.