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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the kill list :: renegade hunters of the fifth world


One of the main reasons why the Veil existed was because the denizens of the Darkness knew that mortals – squishy as they were – easily outnumbered them ten to one, and were capable of more breathtakingly ignorant actions in the name of survival. Now that it’s gone, some Keepers of the Vigil and supernaturals as a whole are seeing, firsthand, just how bad it can get when you’re dealing with angry lynch mobs who breed like rabbits.

The so-called "renegade Hunters" that have been listed here aren’t a unified faction per se, but are basically Keepers from the “other side” of the Vigil (the ones who believe in the wholesale destruction of the World of Darkness) and the radical human supremacists who are convinced that only “real” human beings deserve to live. They may also belong to compacts or conspiracies or happen to be independents who disagree with the methods of the United Vigil.

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