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waking the dead 1.0r :: the ides approach :: look out at the darkness


[ The flashes came to him at around ten in the evening. Right in the middle of a conversation he was having with Riley Falner.

At first it was the image of Hikaru waking up, followed by a sharp stab of certainty that he wasn't thinking of his boy just because he missed the Blade King; that the image was exactly what the Seer was seeing or had seen, from all the way in Hirato. And that instead of the routine updates made through calls, Alistair had resorted to this because words and explanations would take up too much time.

( Tohru. Hikaru had asked for Tohru to be sent in. Hikaru turning as soon as the Assassin stepped past the doors. Then those ominous red rings around the irises of his boy's violet eyes, dark in the late hour.

"I know," Hikaru had said.

Then suddenly all hell broke loose and in the mix and jumble of it all, all he could see/feel was death and fire and the Wind moving to contain the situation, Alistair on the phone his lips shaping Setsuna's name as he reloaded his gun--

--then nothing. )

He doesn't know what it was that Riley saw on his face, only that the Daywalker had already turned to call for Gio Malaahas to rally Wolf's Choice.

He was still reeling when he felt vibrations beneath his palm, Yulia's name blinking almost angrily on the screen.

He doesn't have much to say when she informs him that she and Makoto are to go. His limbs feel like he's slogging through water with the resistance akin to all of him weighed down.

What can he say when his knuckles are white? When where he's sitting is suddenly quieter and much colder, even if all the lamps this side of the estate are turned on.

He thinks he manages to tell her to take care -- that they both do. He's not sure if he said it. He prays that he did.

He's not sure of anything. And it's far too quiet. Like the quiet of the dead. ]

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