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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the midnight riders


While traveling from one place to another has gotten consistently easier over the centuries, one is hard-pressed to say that it’s gotten safer. The open road has always been a dangerous place, especially in countries where long stretches of highway through practically deserted land separate one city from another. Human beings aren’t the only people who are capable of committing horrific crimes, taking advantage of people who have no choice but to be out and about in the middle of nowhere, at ungodly hours.

Enter the Midnight Riders, a conspiracy totally devoted to patrolling the Night Roads – that is, the thoroughfares and open terrain of the world’s different countries, no matter how small they might happen to be. The sharp increase in awakenings of one fashion or another and the burgeoning number of Keepers of the Vigil across the board has not made the world any less dangerous. Most compacts and conspiracies have their hands full with their own matters, and with the political strife that’s tearing most of the Vigil apart. Somebody’s got to keep their eyes on everything and everyone that’s been caught in the crossfire.