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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the methuselah


The Methuselah is a 4,000-year-old conspiracy that can trace its roots back all the way to Mesopotamia. It was established by the Prodigals of the Fourth World for two reasons. First: Hunters of the Methuselah were to do everything in their power to prevent the Fifth World from suffering the safe fate that the Fourth World had. Second: the conspiracy in itself was going to move the Fifth World from the shadows, pushing them towards the “Golden Age” by ensuring that the way back towards the Purest Reality remained clear.

For a long time, the Methuselah was the Voidseeker’s weapon carving a bloody path towards his vision of a better world. The conspiracy offered sanctuary, guidance, and care to whosoever and whatsoever wished to avail of it, and did not hesitate to fight anything that proved to be a threat. It was also the conspiracy that formed the tenants of the Supernatural Accords, and placed themselves as their judge, jury, and executioner. Unfortunately, Aidan’s withdrawal and the departure of both Orin and Riley Falner left the conspiracy bereft of the guidance of its first Kings. Furthermore, the conspiracy had grown far larger than any one of their operatives could have ever imagined – that should have been a good thing, as it should have ensured that Methuselah Hunters could do their job regardless of their location. As things were, though, cultural and political differences only too often got in the way of dialogue, and many operatives – especially the ones who operated away from the city centers that the Methuselah controlled – found themselves snapping under the pressure of their jobs. It did not help, as well, that Hikaru Shinta – once the Weapon of the Methuselah and a devoted Malice King – had turned his back on the Dragon and formed Zangyaku, a conspiracy after his own image.

The Wiseman’s Committee, together with the remaining Malice Kings, stepped up as best as they could to lead the conspiracy. However, the events of March 15, 2012 - starting with the invasion of the Exarchs and the subsequent subjugation of Sydney - has exposed the corruption within the Methuselah to the naked eyes of the world. Aidan has stepped up and is attempting to rally all "true" Hunters of his conspiracy to him and the rest of the United Vigil, but the majority of the Methuselah continues to be manipulated, like puppets, by the God Machine or the Other World - and for others, by their own damning ambitions.