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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the lucifuge [disbanded]

God may or may not exist, but the world has ample evidence that there is a Satan, a great Adversary, a deceiver, an accuser. As long as there has been free choice, so the Church says, Satan has sown his seed in humankind. Most Christians, Jews and Muslims understand that as a metaphor. The agents of the Lucifuge know it’s more than that. Every one of them believes that he or she is a literal descendant of Lucifer or some other Duke of Hell. The Bringer of Light and his companions have always seen fi t to take their pleasure with mortals, and about once a century, the Devil has a son or daughter. They are exceptional people, prone to great evil — and great guilt. They have children of their own; the bloodlines swell and bloat. Families move and intermarry. The Devil’s mark seems sometimes to vanish over the generations. But the taint of Lucifer revives itself once every seven generations, almost without fail. A woman comes of age and finds herself visited by monsters. A man finds that he can call upon cold fires that dance in his dreams. Another, visited every night by succubi who feed his desires and ask him his secrets, discovers that people who hurt him, betray him, or even annoy him suffer terrible accidents, whether he wants them to or not.

Some of Lucifer’s children embrace their heritage. Some don’t. And the Lucifuge exists for those who would fight what they are. It began in ninth-century Milan: a gracious lady of noble bearing employed a cadre of genealogists and occultists to list and follow the bloodlines of Lucifer across Europe, looking for the Children of the Seventh Generation, waiting for them to be born, following them through their lives until they came into their heritage. When the time came, the Lady’s agents would give them an offer: renounce Satan and all his wiles and fight the forces of Hell. If they refused, the messengers killed them, or kidnapped them and made them agree with the Lady’s wishes.

The cabal of genealogists are still there; so are the messengers, but now all of them are themselves Children of the Seventh Generation. Their headquarters are still in Milan, and their leader is still the same statuesque lady, looking no different to how she looked in the year 853.

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