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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: aegis kai doru

Mankind’s obsession with the marvels of the past has always been best characterized by treasure hunters, and the tales of adventure and wonder that were usually blown up narratives of their discoveries. Only one organization in the world, however, knows the truth behind many of the historical mysteries of the Fifth World, along with how they were connected to the World of Darkness. This organization is Aegis Kai Doru, the so-called “Guardians of the Labyrinth”.

This is the story that most everyone who becomes a Guardian is told: Aegis is antediluvian, existing before the famous Great Flood from many stories, and were in ancient times powerful warriors and magicians who were charged with protecting the greatest treasures in the world. That simultaneously hits what their conspiracy is about right on the nail, and also misses the mark completely. Aegis DID exist before most of civilization as we know it did. The true purpose of the Guardians, however, was to seek out, locate, and protect the Lost Legacies, pieces of technology and culture that survived the destruction of the Fourth World. The man responsible for starting Aegis isn’t even a man, and he’s still alive – as “alive” as a sentient artificial construct could possibly be, at any rate.

Aegis Kai Doru’s insignia is a large, round shield with a spear and scroll crossed at the back. Aegis operatives make it a point to wear something that alludes to the symbol’s original design, or have an object on their person that has the same effect. Their finest operatives wear the conspiracy’s amulet.

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