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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the fifth world after dark :: persons of (possible) interest.

The Vigil and the Accords seem, only too often, to be an overbearing presence that dictates the minutiae of daily life for supernaturals. Given the protection and influence that people belonging to either party can afford someone, it's no wonder that most folks are willing to surrender many of their personal liberties in order for some stability, or maybe even some peace of mind.

But that's most people. Some people beyond the Veil are powerful enough all on their own such that neither the Vigils nor the Accords interest them, or can sway them in any fashion. Some people beyond the Veil don't want to do that, and struggle on a near-daily basis to keep themselves from getting embroiled in the chaos of it all. Still others have slipped between the cracks in perfect silence, becoming mere faces in crowds that walk the streets of the Fifth World's cities.

These people may be your allies, or your enemies. You may even choose to ignore them entirely. It's all up to you.