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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the philippines after dark :: brent international school

Many within the World of Light of Waking the Dead wonder why Brent International School seems so insular. Its students are an interesting lot that truly keeps to themselves; its alumni rarely ever stay on Philippine soil, and most seem to disappear from the general public barely 2-3 years after graduating. Now, following the breaking of the Veil, people know the answer.

Brent International School is one of the Fifth World’s few “Hunter Academies” – that is, a school dedicated to raising and training Keepers of the Vigil, and facilitating the ease of transition into an awareness of the World of Darkness for their loved ones. On an interesting note, the concept of Hunter Academies was something that Riley Falner – the Daywalker – came up with. Brent is one of the few who has followed his specifications as strictly as they could.

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