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significant npcs in wtd 1.0r :: the philippines after dark :: notable arbiters & groundskeepers

Traditionally, Keepers of the Vigil are the negotiators, interpreters and enforcers of the Accords. All interactions between any two parties bound by the Law take place with a Keeper present. Hunting territory, therefore is incredibly significant in Waking the Dead. For example, a Keeper from the Methuselah has no business mediating for supernaturals in Zangyaku territory and, vice versa.

The formal term for an individual representing the authority of the Accords is Arbiter, and for most traditions within the World of Darkness, once an Arbiter has passed judgment, his word is law. Most Arbiters are still Keepers, but as the Vigil continues to lose its credibility, more and more Arbiters who are not Keepers of the Vigil have started to appear around the globe.


Accorded Neutral Territories are locations within a particular area that are universally recognized by all supernaturals in the community as neutral ground for interaction, negotiation, and judgment. They are considered to be protected by the authority of the Accords, and the recognized authorities of each demographic of supes are expected to protect the area. Failing to do this runs the risk of ruining one’s reputation.

Once anybody enters Accorded Neutral Territory, they are expected to leave all of their weapons with its assigned Groundskeeper, and any conflict, resentment, or vendetta they may carry against anyone in the community. Groundskeepers also aren’t expected to be the unlucky son of a bitch who has to keep the area safe: anyone who is within Accorded Neutral Territory when a threat appears is expected to defend the area with their lives.

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